Photos of Tabletop Wargame Battles

with Historical Miniatures.

by Clinton Reilly

Wargaming - The Thinkers Hobby!

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We Have a Range of Rule Sets - Each One Tailored for A Particular Historical Period. A small selection is listed below.

Click on Any of the Rule Sets Below to View the Wargames in Progress:-

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  1. Iron Tigers (World War II).
  2. The Great Powers (19th Century Europe).
  3. Imperial Splendour (Colonial).
  4. Rally Once More! (American Civil War).
  5. Iron Duke (Napoleonics, including the American War of Independence & War of 1812).
  6. Macedon, Rome and Hellas (Ancients - 500 BC-500 AD approx.).

Starting a Crimean wargame with my great wargaming buddy Emeritus Professor Alan Knight. I am holding a tablet computer which is a great size for wargaming. You can move around the table to get inputs and show outcomes to participants.

The shot is taken in my wargaming shed. Everyone should have one!

Starting the battle with full wine glasses, as is only right and proper!

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