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Bob Black. Miniature Wargames.

"....great product - excellent service...."

"After installing the rules I was playing a game literally in minutes, using the built in armies. I modified them and built my own armies without any problems. But building armies is one thing - Computer Moderated Wargame rules are only any good if the battle is playable - and these rules are very good."

"....I was impressed with the rules. Now I'm impressed that the company are interested in their customers. They listened to comments and positive critics, took notice and have incorporated certain features and 'tweaked' others. They have restored my faith in Computer Moderated Wargame Rules after the debacle of trying to obtain a working copy of a set from a company based in England."

"First class products and, very important first class service with a real interest in customers."

"...I was dubious about ordering Computer Moderated Wargame rules from Australia.... What would happen when they had my money - how could I complain when they were over 10,000 miles away. But I did Computer Strategies a disservice. They responded quickly and both the sets of rules I ordered worked, and worked well."

CSG, Practical Wargamer.

"Excellent .... these sets of computer assisted rules have impressed me....I would like to highlight their flexibility. "

"For those for whom the mere mention of a computer makes your blood run cold, I can put your mind at rest. You do not need to be a computer whiz kid to make these rules work. The loading instructions could not be simpler and from then on you just follow the instructions and prompts...."

"I have been impressed with this product made by wargamers for wargamers and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to the reader. I will certainly be using it in the future."

Robin Hunt, Practical Wargamer.

"The instructions are clear and concise, the program adequately fast and covering many areas such as morale, fatigue and orders automatically included."

"... the programs are highly recommended...."

"The company promises upgrades in the future and this presentation looks good for those used to fielding more dice than figures!"

Reviewing Stand, The Courier.

"....faster playing...."

"....makes for a nice uncluttered table...."

"I found the manual full of useful information about army organisation, troop usage, command quirks and so on." "I found the games to be tactically realistic. The 'fog of war' that was created by the system as a whole was what I enjoyed."

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