Iron Tigers

WW II Wargaming Rules.

Some of our Tabletop Photos.

The DAK Attack Begins.

Dug in 8th Army Infantry and Anti-Tank Guns.

3 Recon Group Enters the Escarpment Road

4 DAK Recon Group.

5 Marders on High Ground

6 DAK Mechanised Infantry with Supporting Armour

7 Firing Screen

8 DAK Infantry Dismount.

9 British AT Units Engage DAK.

11 Mobile Carrier Reserve Mover Around DAK Flank

13 DAK Outflanked

15 One Panzer Column Retreats

16 Stuka Strike on British Armour

17 DAK Infantry Taking Hits About to Fall Back

18 British Holding the Line

British Armoured Reserve Squadrons Engage DAK Panzers.

British Infantry Defesive Position.

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