Imperial Splendour

Colonial Era Wargame Rules.

Some of our Tabletop Photos.

Isandlwana (Anglo-Zulu War).

You don't have to have a tabletop army. You can also make blocks of cardboard with the unit names marked on them. It works as well as the scale can be more accurate.

This is a refight assuming the British are not out in the open but have occupied a hastily prepared redoubt in the Saddle next to their camp. How long they could hold on? Can they survive?

Zulu Enter Confronting the British in the hastily prepared redoubt.

Zulu encirclement continues. Some of the Chest regimants are halted by British artillery fire.

The encirclement continues with the Zulu using the tall grass and the masking effects of the high ground to reduce the effect of British fire.

The encirclement closes with some Zulu on high ground. The Zulu armed with muskets fire on the British followed by a simultaneous attack overwhelming the British.

Indian Mutiny Siege.

The game is the Indian Mutiny using 10mm Pendraken figures and Computer Strategies Imperial Splendour rules V6.

Essentially a small force of British East India Company troops and European volunteers are defending a small compound awaiting relief. The enemy are mixed mutineer regiments and civilian mobs.

The rules worked well and gave a good interpretation of the period. To give the mutineers any chance of success you need overwhelming numbers of mutineers and go easy on giving Enfield rifle muskets to the Europeans as the range and accuracy can cut the mutineers to pieces before they can close. It is important to reflect muddled mutineers chain of command as the commanders did not follow orders for a range of reasons such as pride, bloody mindedness and sheer incompetence- their biggest failing. So there was little or no tactical coordination and while one ‘unit’ attacked another might retreat and another sit and wait. The acrylic markers reflect the state of the units.

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