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What are the main advantages of using a Computer Moderated Wargame?

1. Speed of Play. The games are typically much faster to play. A major battle can be completed in about 2 hours.

2. Fog of War. Players do not know the full details of the rules and so can never be quite sure of of what will happen next. Options exist in our games to allow you to increase or decrease the level of Fog of War.

3. Ease of Learning. The games are typically much easier to learn as the list of tabletop rules is very short (a total of one page for our rules - although we provide a 50+ page document to explain the historical background to the period and our historical assumptions). Most players with little familiarity with tabletop wargaming can come to grips with how to play after about one or two bounds have been played.

4. Ease of Use. Our games are designed to use Windows (97 or later) rather than DOS. Consequently they are much easier to use and faster than DOS games, which have a slower, comparatively clunky interface.

5. Good Balance of History v's Complexity. Our games are designed to keep the complexity within the computer and so leave the player free to handle the tactical and strategic issues. Consequently there is no sacrafice of historical accuracy and detailed outcome to achieve speed of play.

What are the main disadvantages of using a Computer Moderated Wargame?

1. Space. Desktop computers take up space even if they are on a separate table. However with the advent of small laptops and tablets this problem is completely eliminated.

2. Cost. A state of the art computer can costly if itmis at the high end. However, most players have a PC at home anyway. Also, a second hand computer is usually adequate and quite inexpensive. Often a friend may give you an old one for free; or donate it to the local wargames club.

What is the minimum configuration for one of your Computer Moderated Wargames?

Any computer running a supported version of Windows is fine. Each game takes up about 25Mb of hard disk when installed. A modern state of the art PC has no problem at all. Some players do run the game on PCs with Operating Systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft, such as Vista. While this will work, it is not advised.

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